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Premium shampoo for 5 star hotels and resorts

Since 2003, Om has been a leading supplier of Shampoo, Shower Gel for hotels and resorts in Vietnam, Om’s products are always aiming for the best quality, the most suitable price to save costs for project investors and bring special experiences when guests use the products.

Om provides high-class shampoo products for hotels with a capacity of 5 Liters with the aim of saving costs for resort project investors, meeting environmental protection criteria and meeting quality standards. maximum amount for the user. These products always have a variety choice of scents from natural essential oils, creating a unique feature for each luxury hotel and resort.

In today’s digital landscape, guests’ expectations are influenced by their experiences online where their preferences are automatically remembered. Guests know that some resorts can remember and suggest their favorite brand of shampoo. Their expectation now is that their favorite resort should remember their anniversary or the bottle of wine that they always purchase. Hospitality technology can provide the framework to make that level of guest service operationally feasible if the solution is carefully and thoughtfully implemented.

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